About: The Junk Drawer Needles

The Junk Drawer Needles is committed to producing words. A life long fan of all things to do with stories and no longer content to sit on the sidelines reading, I have taken the plunge–trying to get my stuff out there. This site is dedicated to no one and nothing and is created to keep me writing. They range in length and content. Sit and have a read because I’m putting them out there and I want you to put something back in. More than anything, I hope to entertain you and hear from you. All comments are welcome. 

There’s other stuff too, like the fact that I’ve slummed in rural shacks and eaten fois gras in urban drug dens while getting my walking papers from lofty institutions but what’s the point of getting into all of that? 

I am who I am.

Wellum Hulder



10 Responses to “About: The Junk Drawer Needles”

  1. Hey Wellum,

    Just got a hold of this website and looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. I’m already your number one fan. I’ll throw in my two cents worth where need be, b/c I know, a little feedback here and there goes a long way, keeps the motivation working.

  2. First, thanks for the comment. But yea, I really think what you’re doing with this blog is great! I tried doing so, I just don’t have as much motivation for upkeep because my themes change constantly.

    Keep up the good work…I look forward to reading your posts!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and taking the timeout to read. I really appreciate it.


  4. Great stories, Wellum.

    I’ve got to get time to sit down and get into these.

    “Just Like Bob Dylan Said”, I really like that one.

    I’ve added you to my Blogroll, hopefully I can help get you some clicks.

  5. hey!
    this looks like a cool place to read good stuff.
    I just had a quick look and it seems very interesting. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    Life of Jane
    p.s. thanks for the comment – if you have any hints on my writing plese do not hesitate to comment

  6. Good luck, Wellum. If you are compelled to write, you are already a writer. Here’s to becoming a published author, too. More power to you.

  7. Chris–
    Thanks for reading my stories and putting my on your blogroll, that is cool and I really appreciate it. the more readers the better.

  8. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog, I look forward to reading your next posts…

  9. Just read “The Good Cops (Part 1)”
    Awesome . Very engaging.
    Is there more ?
    See you over the holidays.

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